ad nite 1Modern non-invasive methods of skin revitalisation are increasingly in demand. The application of 3D thread lifting brings excellent results. This is a procedure that is suitable for men and women worried about sagging skin and the first more prominent wrinkles on the face. It is also a suitable method for altering indistinct facial contours.

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The threads are made of polydioxanone or caprolactone which are substances that absorb in about eight to 12 months. However they leave behind a collagen structure that provides support for the skin, improves blood circulation and skin structure, tightens the facial skin and prevents it from sagging. The threads are applied by a long cannula and the actual threads have hooks along the entire perimeter which are fixed to the hypodermis. The insertion of 3D threads stimulates the formation of collagen and creates a sort of collagen structure reinforcing drooping skin and contours. This involves a greater procedure during which the area of the double chin can be lifted or the neck or eyebrows can be slightly lifted. Signs of a sagging face appear in almost everyone after the age of 45.

3D thread lifting is carried out in female and male patients for whom a greater surgical procedure is not suitable, but in whom signs of sagging cheeks appear and are worried about drooping skin and the first more prominent wrinkles on the face. It is also a suitable method of altering indistinct facial contours. Its suitability needs to be consulted with the doctor as the procedure does not replace a conventional facelift, which addresses very distinct signs of aging when the skin becomes quite loose and is covered in deep wrinkles. Given it simplicity the procedure is considered mini-invasive. The actual application does not take more than an hour and is carried out under local anaesthesia. The first visible success of the procedure is noticeable after a week when the post-operative swelling subsides. The effect becomes perceptible after 2-3 weeks.

Nite 2I recommend undergoing this procedure at the end of the week because the patient wears a “stretch cap” for the first three days. Subsequently it is good to wear this “cap” for about a further 14 days at night. Excessive “grimacing”, chewing hard and large bits of food and lifting heavy loads is not recommended at this time. A facial massage and beauty treatment are not recommended for a period of one month. The patient most avoid sunbathing and not become exposed to radiating heat. There are contraindications when 3D thread lifting should not be applied – facial infection, herpes, systemic disease, cancer and the like.