rty1Distinctive looking and full lips can make the face look youthful. Today it is possible to retain beautiful lips using non-invasive methods or use fillers to give them volume or correct sunken corners of the mouth. Men and women have fuller lips at the start of adulthood. But as a person gets older, especially between the age of thirty and forty, the lips become less firm and begin to lose their volume. So whoever keeps their lips full and firm in older age looks much younger than their actual age.
rty2A very popular non-invasive method of lip filling is the application of filling materials. These are gel products based on hyaluronic acid, substances natural to the body, which are applied by ultra thin needles. The procedure is carried out after numbing the treated area with anaesthetic cream, or after a numbing injection if applied to the lips. There is mild reddening and swelling shortly after the procedure which quickly disappears.